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Presented here are three series:  1) Establish Resilience Principles, 2) Understanding Vulnerability and Risk, and 3) Resilience Planning.   Each of these series is composed of 6–8 sets, and each set is composed of an introduction and follow-up activities to perform with your group. To access the training materials, please click on the associated section of the Climate Resilience Framework diagram on the homepage, or use the drop down menu option under “Training Materials”. Once directed to the desired series, use the slider windows to move through the materials at your own pace. Use the following icons do download as much or as little of each series as you like.

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The CRF & Our Approach

The ISET Climate Resilience Framework (CRF) is an analytical, systems-based approach to building resilience to climate change in urban areas.  The goal of this structured framework is to build overall, networked city resilience capable of addressing emerging, indirect and slow-onset climate impacts as well as current hazards.  ISET is using this framework with cities across Asia, Southeast-Asia, Africa, and South America to build local capacity for climate change resilience using Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, ARC and CDKN funding.

Who We Are & What We Do

ISET works with local organizations to understand social and environmental change processes, including climate change and urbanization, and support adaptive responses to the fundamental challenges such processes pose for society and marginalized populations.  Current projects focus on assisting vulnerable communities to identify and implement strategies that build resilience against climate change.  These training materials have been developed based on this ongoing engagement.


Both the materials presented on this website and the website itself are under development.  Additional materials are being regularly posted, and existing materials are likely to be revised in the next several months – please revisit regularly.  We welcome your questions, comments and feedback on any and all aspects of the work presented here.  We can be contacted at: training@i-s-e-t.org.

Where can I find out more about how the Climate Resilience Framework was established?

You can find a rich resource library at www.i-s-e-t.org/publications. Catalyzing Urban Climate Resilience, published in 2009, captures the the thinking and process of refining the Climate Resilience Framework. 

In order to get the most out of the Climate Resilience Framework: Training Materials, do I have to start at the beginning and move through in sequence? 

The training materials have been designed to meet the needs of city planning groups at various stages of the planning process. If your group has never designed a climate action plan, or conducted a multi-stakeholder meeting, we do recommend that you start at the beginning, Series 1.